Next Your Direction Workshop, for teenagers and young adults whose parents have separated.

2nd November 2022

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Family Justice Young People’s Board – Tips for separating parents

Children’s voices must be heard in the divorce process Too often when couples separate and divorce their children’s voices get lost in the turmoil.  One organisation working hard to make sure children voices are heard in the process is The Family Justice Young People’s Board (FJYPB). This impressive group is made up of over 50…

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We want a framework that sets realistic expectations

Why setting realistic expectations is vital At Restored Lives, we meet hundreds of separating parents who are working through all the issues associated with parenting children after a relationship has broken down. It is the most painful and traumatic aspect of breakups for parents. The current UK system is completely broken, rather than supporting families…

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Valentines tips for divorcees

Tips for Surviving Valentines Day As a Divorcee

Valentine’s day stinks when you are single and trying to recover from a breakup so we have created some Tips for Surviving the day for divorcees and anyone who is coping to terms with the end of a significant relationship. On Valentine’s day everywhere you look, you are bombarded by images of happy couples, hearts,…

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We need a process for divorce and separation that promotes better communication

We need a process for divorce and separation that promotes better communication

  Our recently launched campaign is calling for a new divorce process that supports separating couples to communicate more effectively. The current process pits couples against each other and damages their ability to communicate well. A process that supports and promotes communication would be better for everyone and in particular for any children they have….

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change UK divorce process

Restored Lives launches campaign to reduce divorce process damage

This January, to coincide with “divorce day” when solicitors typically receive a peak in requests for divorce petitions, Restored Lives is starting a campaign that calls for changes to the divorce process. The aim is to reduce the damage relationship breakdown does to children, individuals and society as a whole. In our newly created…

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Dating disasters of the recently divorced

So what’s it really like dating after a divorce? Read on to find out how one divorcee is navigating the dating scene now she is divorced.  Government health warning – I’m not an expert Before I start this post I wanted to point out that I am certainly no expert on dating – as evidenced…

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Online divorce course delivers significant increase in wellbeing

Online divorce course delivers significant improvement in wellbeing

When the pandemic motivated us to develop an online version of our course, we were worried that it may not be as effective as our face-to-face courses. However, the feedback shows that the online course delivers significant improvement in how participants feel after completing the 8 session course. For those worst affected by their separations,…

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How to help a friend through a divorce

  It feels awful seeing a good friend in pain but how can you help a friend through a divorce or a bad breakup? In this blog, we look at some simple tips you can use to support anyone going through a relationship breakdown. 1. Help a friend through divorce by checking in regularly. Ask them…

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dignity is better than revenge

Dignity versus Revenge

When someone hurts you badly there’s often a strong pull towards taking revenge but could this mean sacrificing something even more valuable – your dignity? Is dignity better than revenge? Read on as the author shares some of their thoughts on why maintaining their dignity through the breakup of their marriage was more important than…

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Rabbit - when is it ok for a divorcee to date again?

Are you ready to start dating again?

As a divorcee how do you know when you are ready to start dating again? It’s a difficult decision with a lot of pitfalls. In this blog, the author explains what she learnt when she started dating again after her divorce. Why is it so hard to know when you are ready to start dating…

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