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How do you find the right divorce services?

Relationship breakdown can be the biggest crisis in a person’s life. You will need a range of help including guidance from experts. But how do you choose the right solicitor, mediator, financial advisor, counsellor, parenting specialist or life coach?

During the Restored Lives course, we explain the different types of expert help that are available. We also offer our guests the opportunity to have a short , free, one-to-one sessions with our volunteer experts so they can determine how they might help.

We really appreciate the time that all the experts we work with give us. They have helped us to develop content for the course . Use the links below to find out more about the people who help us make the experts evening of our course such a success.


Seeing a counsellor can be a huge help when processing all the emotions you’ll experience when a relationship ends. If you have children, they mighta also benefit from specialist children’s counselling. There are a lot of different types of counselling available and finding a good fit for you will help you get the most out of your sessions.

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Everyone assumes that they will need a lawyer to get divorced but there is a much broader range of legal professionals who can help you navigate the legal aspects of your divorce, financial settlement and arrangements for children including mediators, family solicitors and collaborative law specialists.

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Separation and divorce will affect your finances. Now is a good time to consider if you need to change the way you manage your money and organise your finances especially if you are in debt. Working with a financial advisor or debt counsellor will put you in the best position for the future.

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Family breakdown has a big impact on children. Family and parenting specialists can help you and your family minimise that impact.

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Sadly one in four of us will experience abuse. Alongside the course, we run an optional online sessions about separating from an abusive partner. If abuse was part of your relationship you might want to consider getting some specialist support.

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Once you have dealt with the initial crisis of your relationship breakdown you might be thinking ‘what next?’. Life coaching can be an excellent tool for working out your goals for the future and taking concrete steps to achieve them.

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