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Restored Lives has created lots of free resources you can use to recover from the breakdown of your relationship. This page includes many free divorce resources (suitable whether you are separated, divorced or never married) you can download and links to our book and the workshops and courses we run. Whether you are looking for yourself or for a friend, Welcome! We hope you find the online resources helpful.

The end of a significant relationship or marriage can feel completely overwhelming. Many people are in shock, feel isolated and don’t know where to start. If left unresolved the emotional effects of a separation or divorce can be felt for years afterwards but it doesn’t have to be this way.

If you aren’t sure where to start… start here! The most important thing you need is support (the legal stuff can generally wait for a little). Make sure that you have a trusted friend/s alongside to support you. You don’t have to do this alone.

The Restored Lives course has helped thousands of people to recover after their separation or divorce – find out how you can go on a course. There is a lot of hope for your future.

In crisis?

If you are in emotional distress or feeling suicidal call 116 123 and speak to Samaritans. We’d also recommend making an appointment to see your own doctor as a way to access professional support. There is no shame in asking for help it is a positive, healthy choice.


The Restored Lives book covers all the topics we cover during our course and is peppered with real-life stories from people who have successfully recovered from their separation or divorce. Read it alongside the course or as a stand-alone resource.

Read the Restored Lives Book
Restored Lives Divorce Blog

For our latest thinking head over to our blog which is full of recovery stories and helpful articles.

Our blog

Relationship breakdown can be particularly distressing and difficult if you have children. This Parenting Do’s and Don’ts  includes some of the best things you can do for your children to reduce the negative impact of a separation as well as some things to avoid.

Do's and Don'ts for separated parents


Kathy a divorced Mum of two describes her story of separation, divorce and recovery.

Kathy's story

James talks about his divorce and what has helped him recover.

James' Story

Single dad David talks about his experience of recovering from divorce.

David's Story


Watch this short introduction to the Restored Lives course which explains what it is and who it is for.

What is the Restored Lives Course?

Watch this short introduction to the Your Direction Workshop which explains what it is and who it is for.

What is the Your Direction workshop?

Explore the one-off online sessions we run to get a deeper dive into specific topics including divorce and faith, supporting men and separating from an abusive partner.

Online divorce workshops

Helpful links – HTB: link to Holy Trinity Brompton where the largest Restored Lives course runs – Mediators: everything about mediators and how to find one near you – Solicitors: an excellent place to find a solicitor that uses a constructive approach to resolving issues – Relationship Central: home of The Marriage course and the best place to find help when you are in a relationship and looking to make it work better – Relate: a useful resource including access to counsellors Marriage Care helps couples and individuals to build and sustain strong, fulfilling, healthy relationships, as well as providing counselling support in times of relationship difficulty. – Divorce Support Group: an alternative divorce recovery course run by professional therapists with a number of courses around the country – Divorce Recovery Workshop: an alternative divorce recovery course run by a charity with a number of courses around the country – DivorceCare (US): DivorceCare runs thousands of courses, mainly in the US, focused on helping Christians get through divorce including a number of different resources e.g. one day at a time daily reading and encouragement

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