Thank you for choosing to donate to Restored Lives! We will use your donation to help people recover fully from relationship breakdown and reduce the negative impact of separation and divorce on individuals, children, families and the wider community.

Three ways you can support our work

– Make a regular monthly donation. Monthly donations are incredibly helpful because they give us a regular income stream.
– Make a one-off donation. Whether large or small we commit to making the best use of every donation we receive.
– Fundraise for us. Whether you run races, organise coffee mornings or get sponsored to sit in a bath full of baked beans, we would love your help.

What your donation means to us

Here are some examples of the ways we may use your donation

£50 enables us to provide a bursary for someone with a low income to attend the course.

£20 enables us to print 500 flyers to promote the course.

£10 enables us to send a copy of the Restored Lives book to a church or community group which can then be used as a shared resource.

£5 enables us to buy workbooks for two volunteers.

Whichever is the right option for you, click the donate button to access our stewardship page.

Photo by Micheile Henderson on Unsplash