Your Direction Workshops for Teenagers and Young People

We support teenagers and young people when their parents separate

Our course

It can be hard to hear but if your parents’ relationship breaks down it will change your life and bring up some hard issues. But you don’t have to cope with it on your own. Restored Lives is here to help and support you.

We offer a five-session workshop series called ‘Your Direction’ that welcomes teenagers and young adults into small groups of people who are also navigating their parents’ separation or divorce. Together we explore all the challenges you typically face and show you some tools that might help. 

We have consolidated the lived experiences from other young people as well as expertise from professional counsellors and parenting specialists to create a course that is stuffed with practical tips that will help you navigate your parents’ separation or divorce so you can move forward with your life. 

We run the workshops three times a year, online via Zoom. Click the buttons below to book your place at the next workshop.


The course is now completely free. As a charity, we welcome donations to help us cover the costs of developing and running the course.

Next Workshop

12-18 yrs Wednesday  28th February 2024 5:30 pm – 6:30 pm

18 – 30 yrs Wednesday 28th February 2024 7:30 pm – 9:00 pm

NB: If you are 18 you can choose to join either group. If you are still in full-time education you may prefer to join the younger group so you are with peers from the same school year. If you have any questions about Your Direction we’d be happy to help use the button below to contact us.


What participants have said

” I feel empowered to live my own life and feel that my parent’s divorce is an event and not a defining feature of my life. I also feel equipped to set boundaries and express my feelings comfortably.” 

“The best thing about Your Direction was being able to share difficult situations and past experiences in a safe space with people who are willing to listen and not judge.”

“I found this course very inviting and easy to jump into.”

“I learned how to deal with issues and how to see the silver lining of a problem”

What’s it Like

Meet others

Get help with your parents divorceYour Direction runs one evening per week for five weeks and is available for two age groups (12-18 and 18-30).

Each workshop session for the 13-18s group starts at 5:30 pm and runs for an hour. For the 18-30s group sessions start at 7.30 pm and run for an hour and a half. There’s time to connect with the other guests and the leaders and helpers who usually have first-hand experience of going through separation or divorce.

Listen to talks

Supporting teenagers with parents divorceEach session includes videos from other young people who have successfully navigated their parents’ separation as well as discussions about key topics including:

  • -Unpacking your feelings
  • -Having your say
  • -Dealing with changes
  • -Letting go
  • -Your future

Discuss in small groups

helping young people when families breakdown
In small groups, there’s an opportunity to discuss the talk. You can share as much or as little as you like about how your personal situation relates to the topic. Restored Lives is a non-judgemental safe space where you can speak to others who have or are facing similar situations.


Hear Personal Stories

Teenagers talk about their parents divorceWe end each session with a personal story. You’ll hear from other young people explaining what happened to them when their parents split up and what helped them.


Receive your own ‘Travel Guide’

When you sign up for the Your Direction workshop you’ll be sent a free copy of our ‘Travel Guide’ which includes an overview of what we will be covering as well as journal pages you can use to keep track of your progress.

Who is it for?

Your Direction is for anyone aged between 12-30 whose parents have split up. This includes parents in civil partnerships and cohabiting couples, recent breakups as well as those that ended years ago.

Your Direction is not the same as counselling. It provides an opportunity for young people to talk to people who are their own age and are facing similar situations.

Your Direction has been developed and delivered in partnership with the children’s charity Fegans (now called Spurgeons). It is delivered by a team of trained volunteers from Restored Lives and has the necessary safeguarding processes in place.

What you need to attend?

The workshop is free to attend. You will need internet access, a laptop per participant, and a  private space where you feel comfortable speaking.


teenagers who's parents split up