Next Your Direction Workshop, for teenagers and young adults whose parents have separated.

2nd November 2022

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Heartbroken? Who Cares? We do.

Restored Lives helps people recover from relationship breakdown. By supporting people through separation or divorce, when a relationship is beyond repair, we help reduce the negative effects on individuals, children and communities.

We are a charity dedicated to creating resources to support anyone going through the breakup of a significant relationship. These resources include an eight-session course for adults, a five-session workshop for teenagers and young adults whose parents have separated, online sessions and abuse support groups, a book, workbooks and how-to guides.

Supporting teenagers and young adults

In collaboration with children’s charity Fegans, we have developed a five-session workshop called ‘Your Direction’. The workshops welcome teenagers and young adults into small groups with others who are navigating their parents’ separation or divorce. Together we explore all the challenges you typically face when your parents separate and show you some tools that might help. Workshops are being run three times a year for two age groups 13-18 yrs and 18-30 yrs. Read more

Want know more about how your church or community group can support divorcees? Grab yourself a copy of our eBook.

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Do's and Don'ts of successful coparenting after divorce

Build a successful co-parenting relationship after divorce with our Do’s and Don’ts co parenting cheat sheet.

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We need a process for divorce and separation that promotes better communication

Read why we are campaigning for a new process that supports and promotes better communication and then sign our petition!

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Need support during divorce or a breakup? Does talking help?

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Supporting teenagers and young adults when their parents' divorce

Next Your Direction workshop for 13-18 yrs and 18-30 yrs who want support navigating their parents’ breakup starts on 2nd November.

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Haywards Heath Baptist Church

Next face to face course is in Haywards Heath and starts on the 5th September.

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Campaign to improve the divorce process

The next online course for adults needing support during or after a separation or divorce starts 3rd October.

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  • "It helped me identify the bitterness I felt, showed me a way to deal with it and gave me hope for the future. Thank you so much!"

    - Helen

  • "Seeing others, going through the same hurts and struggles, made me realise that I was "allowed" to laugh again..."

    - Course Participant

  • "It has given me the building blocks which I can refer to in order to move forward and create a positive future whilst also managing the divorce to gain a positive result."

    - Paula

  • "Thank you for all you have done. Thank you for your encouragement and hope!"

    - Online Course Participant

  • "You have made the group so easy for us to share and come away feeling an awful lot better on a Monday evening - I am not sure I would be feeling so positive (some of the time) without having these Monday evenings."

    - Online Course Participant

  • "It is great having people that understand what I'm going through because they have actually been there or are going through the same."

    - Richard

  • "The best thing about the course is having free and frank conversations with each other about our journeys, emotions, past and future. It is a sustained conversation, not just one night or a weekend"

    - Jenny

  • "The best thing about the course is being connected to a group of people who were in a similar position as I am and hearing how they were handling their situation. Reading the book or watching the videos alone would have been difficult without having a group to discuss with. "

    - Kristen

  • "Balanced, realistic, practical, non-judgemental. Ability to be honest as you were with complete strangers!!!"

    - Jon

  • "Being able to share my feelings with other people in a similar position, not feeling alone as none of my circle of friends are going through this thankfully!!"

    - Jing

Relationship breakdown is at the heart of many social issues

The social consequences of relationship breakdown are huge. Our families and communities are littered with the negative effects of divorce. It’s often the biggest life crisis a person will experience. It affects body, mind and soul and impacts all aspects of a person’s life including their relationships, with children being the greatest innocent victims.

The fallout hits the fabric of society on a massive scale costing the UK taxpayer as much as its defence budget (£50bn). Fegans, the children’s charity, mark this as the single biggest issue affecting children’s well-being as it counts for over 30% of its referrals.

Sadly, with so little support available in the UK, people are left isolated and lonely. Often the anger, hurt and unresolved emotions cause mental health issues, decreased productivity at work which piles on top of increased financial pressures and a period where friends are dividing. This quickly triggers a downward spiral and more difficult relationships.

Children are then often on the receiving end when co-parenting is difficult, if not impossible, whilst at the same time, their own world order is torn apart. It’s not surprising that children of divorced parents are more likely to divorce and the majority of young offenders come from broken homes. This downward cycle can present itself in a multitude of ways causing huge social damage for the children as well as the adults concerned.

If you have been impacted by the breakdown of a significant relationship and would like support visit our go on a course or resources page for more help.

Supporting people through separation or divorce

It doesn’t have to be this way. We’ve seen lives transformed by giving people the skills and tools to take simple steps that overcome the hurt and, where children are involved, create successful separated co-parenting relationships.

Restored Lives has shown that offering supporting people through separation or divorce, bringing people in similar circumstances together and providing the tools to navigate a breakup, gives rise to a period of healing, learning and growth, ultimately resulting in improved relational skills.

This doesn’t have to be the case and we can all start to help. In fact, churches and community groups are already at the forefront of this support using their existing skills and resources.

Find out how you can help by visiting our run a course page