Abuse Support Groups

Separation or divorce from an abusive partner has its own challenges.

We offer free downloads, an introductory workshop and three-session support groups throughout the year.


We Offer Two Types of Abuse Support:

Introductory Workshops

If abuse of any kind has been part of your relationship, the end of that relationship will have different challenges. This session has been created in collaboration with the domestic abuse charity Restored to explore these challenges in greater depth.

We run these sessions three times a year and they are available whether or not you are attending or have attended the Restored Lives Course.

Support Groups (Three Sessions)

For those who have done (or are doing) the Restored Lives course we also run online support groups for men and women. As these are a continuation of content covered in the Restored Lives course we ask that you only sign up if you have done Restored Lives. You will get the most out of these groups if you attend all three sessions. This also contributes to creating small groups that feel safe for everyone.

We run support groups for men and for women for three sessions, three times a year. These sessions are all run free of charge by trained volunteers.