Person relaxing with a book at Christmas there are some candles and fairy lights

Getting Through Christmas If You’re Separated or Divorced Copy

Getting through Christmas after separation or divorce can be difficult so in this article, we include 10 tips we hope will make it easier. The festive season, especially Christmas, is often depicted as a time of joy, family togetherness, and celebration. However, for those who are separated or divorced, this time of year brings a…

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Why do friends disappear after divorce? Image shows a pair of empty shoes smoking like a friend has disappeared in a puff of smoke.

Why do friends disappear after divorce?

Many divorced people report a dramatic reduction in the numbers of their friends following their divorce.  This can add to the distress and disorientation that so many of us feel during divorce.  In this blog a divorcee shares their own experiences of friendship and dating during and after their divorce and seeks to answer “Why…

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Valentines tips for divorcees

Tips for Surviving Valentines Day As a Divorcee

Valentine’s day stinks when you are single and trying to recover from a breakup so we have created some Tips for Surviving the day for divorcees and anyone who is coping to terms with the end of a significant relationship. On Valentine’s day everywhere you look, you are bombarded by images of happy couples, hearts,…

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How to cope with lockdown if you are divorced

Are you wondering how to cope with lockdown if you are divorced? Read on to find out how one London-based divorcee with children has is getting through the pandemic.   What must self-isolation be like for those suddenly living alone or single-parenting for the first time? When this lockdown started, my heart went out immediately…

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Mask - Dealing with the COVID19 crisis for divorcees

Dealing with the Covid crisis tips for divorcees

In this blog, we explore top tips for divorcees dealing with the Covid19 crisis. The current self-isolation guidance which many countries have brought into effect as a measure to reduce the impact of the Coronavirus may be particularly difficult for divorcees or anyone going through a separation. Emotionally this situation heaps on a lot of…

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Christmas – there is a hope

This morning, three children opened their Christmas presents in front of their Mum and Dad. For most parents, this thankfully won’t feel like an extraordinary event. However, for my ex-wife and me, this was the latest milestone in what has been a remarkable journey. Last Christmas, we were barely speaking to each other. My 9…

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6 tips for dealing with Mother’s Day as a divorcee

Mother’s Day can be fraught For those of us that are divorcees, Mother’s Day can be a fraught celebration. Perhaps you have no access to your children, perhaps you feel overwhelmed having to care for your children alone (read Kathy’s blog about Mother’s Day as a “single” mum).  Perhaps you are grieving for the children…

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Non-Mother’s Day

A blog post by Ruth: There is a song in the musical Avenue Q* that goes like this… “When I was little, I thought I would be, A big comedian on late night TV. But now I’m 32, and as you can see – I’m not. Oh well. It sucks to be me.” This song…

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