Restored Lives should go global

Restored Lives should go global: I was living in Singapore when my marriage broke down and it would have made my journey to recovery (and most importantly, that of my children) so much smoother. Not long after I came to London two years ago I read an article about the course. Initially I didn’t think […]

I thought I was living a wonderful life

I thought I was living a wonderful life. I had just been given a new car for my 25th wedding anniversary, we had two brilliant children and a beautiful home. We worked hard together in two businesses and had life’s normal ups and downs.  We had several stressful attempts at infertility treatment and I had a […]

My experience of going on the course

I had moved out from the marital home in January 2014 and got divorced in May, so when I enrolled on the course that started in June I thought I had most of the emotional turmoil squeezed out and finished, but Restored Lives helped me deal with the deep feelings of resentment and disappointment which […]

Four and a bit days

In this post we hear from a divorced Dad about how tough it is when your new reality means you see less of your children. I have one last and long cuddle and feel the tears welling up in my eyes. Got to be strong now and resist floods of water cascading down on to […]

Thoughts on Father’s Day from a single dad of two.

In this post Chris shares his experience of being a solo dad and the feelings he has about Father’s Day. It was December 2009, my oldest son Harrison was three. He came up to me and said in a very firm voice, “Daddy, I need to tell you something.” I said, “Yes, Harrison?”, to which […]

Mother’s Day

I’ve really struggled with Mother’s Day since divorce at times. This will be my fifth one on my own.  (Yeah I’m counting). To the point that I now actually make a deliberate choice to stay away from Facebook on that day, as I find all the status updates or pictures about how spoilt they’ve been, […]

What can we learn from Nelson Mandela?

There is a new film out on Nelson Mandela who was an amazing man. Much written about him, but is there anything that we can learn from him about going through a relationship breakdown? From South Africa’s perspective the relationship between black and whites had completely broken down, so much so that there were rules […]

Ten tips for getting through Christmas

Christmas can be such a tough time when you are separated or divorced.  Every advert seems to be about the “ideal” family and the pressure to create the perfect Christmas feels huge, especially if you have children. Perhaps you are facing your first Christmas alone or without your children for the first time or maybe […]

Are you ready to start dating again?

I think it is so difficult, even in recovery not to fall down the odd rabbit hole of unhelpful emotions.  For me getting back into dating was a virtual rabbit warren of emotional peril. I didn’t help myself by launching into the dating scene way too early on.  The old maxim that hurt people hurt […]

Survival tips for weddings when you’re separated/divorced

Attending a wedding when you are single can be tough – regardless of how happy you are for the couple or how keen you may be to celebrate their happy day with them. If you are going through divorce and separation it can be an absolute emotional mine field. It is the ultimate test of […]

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