How to get through Valentine’s alive

Here are some thoughts from someone without kids: Valentine’s day is a little bit too commercial for me, but if you feel drawn into it because you’re single, here are a couple of tips to cheer up the mood on Valentine’s day. 1.  The easiest one is to keep it simple and invite a couple […]

Valentine’s Day and being Single

After a long day at work and collecting the kids from playscheme, tonight on the way home I saw a man come out of a florist with a big bunch of flowers, presumably for his partner or wife to surprise them in the morning and my heart just sunk.  I won’t have a card or […]

When your ex remarries

On Saturday I waved goodbye to my children so they could watch their Dad remarry in a civil ceremony. It felt very strange and almost surreal but I wanted them to feel they had my permission to enjoy the day. It was 2009 when we separated, but despite the length of time since the pain […]

Out of great sadness can come happiness

To lose your wife, children, home, possessions and your business partner dies of a heart attack & you find your other partners have stolen all the money from the business to fund lives of luxury and self-indulgence in South Africa, and you’re left with a debt to pay off – life becomes a little odd […]

Some thoughts on forgiveness

When I attended the course this topic was a tricky one.  The single most important thing in letting go of the emotional damage is forgiveness – so Erik tells us in his book and on the course. It stops us being tied to the past, it gives us hope for the future. My ex-husband and […]

Restored Lives should go global

Restored Lives should go global: I was living in Singapore when my marriage broke down and it would have made my journey to recovery (and most importantly, that of my children) so much smoother. Not long after I came to London two years ago I read an article about the course. Initially I didn’t think […]

I thought I was living a wonderful life

I thought I was living a wonderful life. I had just been given a new car for my 25th wedding anniversary, we had two brilliant children and a beautiful home. We worked hard together in two businesses and had life’s normal ups and downs.  We had several stressful attempts at infertility treatment and I had a […]

My experience of going on the course

I had moved out from the marital home in January 2014 and got divorced in May, so when I enrolled on the course that started in June I thought I had most of the emotional turmoil squeezed out and finished, but Restored Lives helped me deal with the deep feelings of resentment and disappointment which […]

Four and a bit days

In this post we hear from a divorced Dad about how tough it is when your new reality means you see less of your children. I have one last and long cuddle and feel the tears welling up in my eyes. Got to be strong now and resist floods of water cascading down on to […]

Thoughts on Father’s Day from a single dad of two.

In this post Chris shares his experience of being a solo dad and the feelings he has about Father’s Day. It was December 2009, my oldest son Harrison was three. He came up to me and said in a very firm voice, “Daddy, I need to tell you something.” I said, “Yes, Harrison?”, to which […]

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