Dating disasters of the recently divorced

So what’s it really like dating after a divorce? Read on to find out how one divorcee is navigating the dating scene now she is divorced.  Government health warning – I’m not an expert Before I start this post I wanted to point out that I am certainly no expert on dating – as evidenced…

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Online divorce course delivers significant increase in wellbeing

Online divorce course delivers significant improvement in wellbeing

When the pandemic motivated us to develop an online version of our course, we were worried that it may not be as effective as our face-to-face courses. However, the feedback shows that the online course delivers significant improvement in how participants feel after completing the 8 session course. For those worst affected by their separations,…

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How to help a friend through a divorce

  It feels awful seeing a good friend in pain but how can you help a friend through a divorce or a bad breakup? In this blog, we look at some simple tips you can use to support anyone going through a relationship breakdown. 1. Help a friend through divorce by checking in regularly. Ask them…

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dignity is better than revenge

Dignity versus Revenge

When someone hurts you badly there’s often a strong pull towards taking revenge but could this mean sacrificing something even more valuable – your dignity? Is dignity better than revenge? Read on as the author shares some of their thoughts on why maintaining their dignity through the breakup of their marriage was more important than…

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Rabbit - when is it ok for a divorcee to date again?

Are you ready to start dating again?

As a divorcee how do you know when you are ready to start dating again? It’s a difficult decision with a lot of pitfalls. In this blog, the author explains what she learnt when she started dating again after her divorce. Why is it so hard to know when you are ready to start dating…

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Need support during divorce or a breakup? Does talking help?

When you are going through separation or divorce does talking help? You might feel like a stuck record or that your friends are tired of hearing about it but read on for the real reasons we should be talking more about heartbreak. Should I talk about it? If you are going through a rough breakup,…

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How to cope with lockdown if you are divorced

Are you wondering how to cope with lockdown if you are divorced? Read on to find out how one London-based divorcee with children has is getting through the pandemic.   What must self-isolation be like for those suddenly living alone or single-parenting for the first time? When this lockdown started, my heart went out immediately…

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Mask - Dealing with the COVID19 crisis for divorcees

Dealing with the Covid crisis tips for divorcees

In this blog, we explore top tips for divorcees dealing with the Covid19 crisis. The current self-isolation guidance which many countries have brought into effect as a measure to reduce the impact of the Coronavirus may be particularly difficult for divorcees or anyone going through a separation. Emotionally this situation heaps on a lot of…

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Perspectives on divorce from Richard Rohr

In this excerpt from a longer podcast called ‘Another Name for Everything’ Richard Rohr responds to listeners questions on some of the most pressing themes of his book, The Universal Christ. In conversation with Paul Swanson and Brie Stoner, Richard responds to listener questions on spiritual practice, including some that relate to separation and divorce….

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Christmas – there is a hope

This morning, three children opened their Christmas presents in front of their Mum and Dad. For most parents, this thankfully won’t feel like an extraordinary event. However, for my ex-wife and me, this was the latest milestone in what has been a remarkable journey. Last Christmas, we were barely speaking to each other. My 9…

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