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When your ex remarries

On Saturday I waved goodbye to my children so they could watch their Dad remarry in a civil ceremony. It felt very strange and almost surreal but I wanted them to feel they had my permission to enjoy the day. It was 2009 when we separated, but despite the length of time since the pain […]

Some thoughts on forgiveness

When I attended the course this topic was a tricky one.  The single most important thing in letting go of the emotional damage is forgiveness – so Erik tells us in his book and on the course. It stops us being tied to the past, it gives us hope for the future. My ex-husband and […]

Restored Lives should go global

Restored Lives should go global: I was living in Singapore when my marriage broke down and it would have made my journey to recovery (and most importantly, that of my children) so much smoother. Not long after I came to London two years ago I read an article about the course. Initially I didn’t think […]

Four and a bit days

In this post we hear from a divorced Dad about how tough it is when your new reality means you see less of your children. I have one last and long cuddle and feel the tears welling up in my eyes. Got to be strong now and resist floods of water cascading down on to […]

Thoughts on Father’s Day from a single dad of two.

In this post Chris shares his experience of being a solo dad and the feelings he has about Father’s Day. It was December 2009, my oldest son Harrison was three. He came up to me and said in a very firm voice, “Daddy, I need to tell you something.” I said, “Yes, Harrison?”, to which […]

Mother’s Day

I’ve really struggled with Mother’s Day since divorce at times. This will be my fifth one on my own.  (Yeah I’m counting). To the point that I now actually make a deliberate choice to stay away from Facebook on that day, as I find all the status updates or pictures about how spoilt they’ve been, […]

Father’s day – a myriad of emotions

I always find this day a bit tough. Just a bit of background: my children’s Dad chose to walk away from our marriage and our children, when they were 11 months and 2 and a quarter years old, to have a full time relationship with a woman 10 years younger than me. I find myself […]

A father’s point of view

Often when we read about single parenthood it is from the mother’s point of view.  The following post looks at the pain of divorce when you are a Dad. It is a very raw testimony. ‘I don’t want ready-made answers but most of all I want to be listened to and I want someone to […]

Top tips for parenting post-divorce and separation

This is the third blog in our short series about the challenges of divorce when you are a parent.  In this post Kathy shares some of her top tips for coping with children post-divorce. I always write their Dad’s next contact time on the Calendar, to help the children count down to it and you try and […]

The hardest part of parenting post-divorce and separation

This is the second blog in our short series about the challenges of divorce when you are a parent.  This post examines the hardest parts of parenting through and after divorce. (read the first post in the series here) It’s hard to decide the most difficult aspect of raising children in a post-divorce context.  Perhaps […]

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