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Need support during divorce or a breakup? Does talking help?

When you are going through separation or divorce does talking help? You might feel like a stuck record or that your friends are tired of hearing about it but read on for the real reasons we should be talking more about heartbreak. Should I talk about it? If you are going through a rough breakup, […]

Some thoughts on forgiveness

When I attended the course this topic was a tricky one.  The single most important thing in letting go of the emotional damage is forgiveness – so Erik tells us in his book and on the course. It stops us being tied to the past, it gives us hope for the future. My ex-husband and […]

I thought I was living a wonderful life

I thought I was living a wonderful life. I had just been given a new car for my 25th wedding anniversary, we had two brilliant children and a beautiful home. We worked hard together in two businesses and had life’s normal ups and downs.  We had several stressful attempts at infertility treatment and I had a […]

My experience of going on the course

I had moved out from the marital home in January 2014 and got divorced in May, so when I enrolled on the course that started in June I thought I had most of the emotional turmoil squeezed out and finished, but Restored Lives helped me deal with the deep feelings of resentment and disappointment which […]

Mother’s Day

I’ve really struggled with Mother’s Day since divorce at times. This will be my fifth one on my own.  (Yeah I’m counting). To the point that I now actually make a deliberate choice to stay away from Facebook on that day, as I find all the status updates or pictures about how spoilt they’ve been, […]

Kuda’s recovery

At the RDS course we know that hearing how others have got through their divorce and recovery really helps. Here’s Kuda’s story: There were many factors that contributed to the breakdown of my marriage, but the actual divorce and separation came about because my husband was unfaithful and was not willing to put in the […]

The story of how it began…

I remember at the time the complete shock I was in.  I was such a smug married, with my 2.4 children.  I couldn’t believe it was happening to me. I kept thinking I’d wake up and it would all be a dream.  The person who had been my closest friend, was now behaving like someone […]

Even more stories of recovery

The stories here are from people from all walks of life, from different backgrounds and different break-ups but they all speak of recovery. These are stories of normal, everyday people: “Recovery is an incremental process of rediscovering myself, of realising I am not a failure or a reject but a person who has a lot to […]

Stories of recovery

We are at the end of our summer course with the dinner on Monday evening. Excitingly around 40 people from previous courses are coming back to join us. Lots of other people from previous courses emailed to say that they would have loved to have been there (yes it’s hard to come back from Bangkok, […]

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