Even more stories of recovery

The stories here are from people from all walks of life, from different backgrounds and different break-ups but they all speak of recovery. These are stories of normal, everyday people:

“Recovery is an incremental process of rediscovering myself, of realising I am not a failure or a reject but a person who has a lot to offer – to my friends, my family, my work colleagues and even to strangers.  It is about crawling out of the abyss and starting to live in the moment, noticing the little everyday things that make life worth living: laughter, sudden sunlight, friendly exchanges or an unexpected hug from one of my children.  It is about accepting, learning to forgive, knowing pain dissipates with time and that even if the future is uncertain it is survivable, even on a good day, exciting.” Natalie

“Recovery is feeling whole again. It is building a new life on your own. Not longing for a relationship but feeling happy with yourself.” Arthur

“Recovery is finding myself again and breathing easy. Seeing the colours and hearing the music.” Hannah

“Recovery has been a journey where I have been able to find myself. I feel free to move on and to help others who are struggling. I have learnt to accept and forgive, and keep forgiving. I thank God for taking me this far and I know that only He could have turned all the bitter experience around and bring good out of it.” George

“Recovery is feeling special and optimistic again. It’s waking up happy after sleeping through the night. After years of feeling life was over and hopeless, I now accept the things I cannot change. I don’t blame myself, I feel proud to have been kind and honourable and forgive the times I was less than open or totally honest.” Louise