Stories of recovery

We are at the end of our summer course with the dinner on Monday evening. Excitingly around 40 people from previous courses are coming back to join us.

Lots of other people from previous courses emailed to say that they would have loved to have been there (yes it’s hard to come back from Bangkok, Australia, South Africa or even Hull!) and many of their emails talked about their recovery. These were a huge encouragement – here’s one:

“I signed up to The RDS course just six months after my husband left me. At the time I felt lost, broken and deeply sad. The Course restored my hope, gave me some great new girlfriends, valuable advice and some new life tools to move forward. Eight years on I am now happily remarried! I will always be grateful to Erik, the course leader for inspiring us.”

I am looking forward to hearing more stories of recovery tomorrow night from participants on the course and from everyone else!