Next Your Direction Workshop, for teenagers and young adults whose parents have separated.

2nd November 2022

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New year… new you

Well done! you made it through Christmas and New Year celebrations… speaking to my other RDS friends I know it is almost universally a difficult time of year for those of us who have been or are going through separations. A time where families get together to celebrate can be a painful reminder of what…

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Getting my grinch on

So Christmas has rolled around again and although I love a mince pie and a bit of tinsel as much as the next person I’d be a liar if I said Christmas is an easy time. In fact the whole thing makes me want to paint myself green and declare a loud bah humbug to…

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Will the Happy Memories Always be Tainted With Bitterness After Divorce and Separation?

I read today the account of a lady who found some old love letters from before her divorce.  She had moved on and so was able to enjoy them for what they once were.  She was able to remember the love they shared and feel good about having had those happy times without it being…

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The same story – Cruz and Holmes

From what I read in the papers about Tom Cruz and Katie Holmes, it sounds like the lawyers have been lined up and the battle for custody of a young child is beginning. It’s the same story we’ve heard and seen many times. The divorce of two people is hard enough but for two people…

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