New year… new you

Well done! you made it through Christmas and New Year celebrations… speaking to my other RDS friends I know it is almost universally a difficult time of year for those of us who have been or are going through separations. A time where families get together to celebrate can be a painful reminder of what you have lost.

January can be difficult too. The evenings are still dark and the dreary weather a good metaphor for how you might be feeling on the inside but don’t despair. New beginnings can be an opportunity for hope too.

The new year is an opportunity to decide who you want to be and to start dreaming about what you want for your future.

This year I’ll be throwing myself into all the hobbies I love to do and pushing the edges of my comfort zone with more dating (I’m sure I’ll be posting more dating disasters of the newly divorced to keep you all amused soon!)

So well done and be kind to yourself this January….the summer will be here again in no time.