Survival tips for weddings when you’re separated/divorced

Attending a wedding when you are single can be tough – regardless of how happy you are for the couple or how keen you may be to celebrate their happy day with them. If you are going through divorce and separation it can be an absolute emotional mine field. It is the ultimate test of keeping your pokerface intact and ensuring the day is about the couple and not about you. Here are my top tips for surviving…. and who knows maybe even enjoying it ­čÖé

1) Set Up Text Support
Before the wedding find a sympathetic friend who will be available to support you on the day via text message. This should be someone you can be completely open with and preferably someone who is not connected to the bride and groom. Try and choose a witty friend who will be able to both offer sympathy and send you the odd joke to lift your mood if things get tough. This way if you are having an awful time you can text about it without revelaing to anyone who is actually at the wedding how you are feeling.

2) Look Your Best
Making an effort with your appearance will make you feel more confident so buy that killer dress or the new shirt you have had your eye on.

3) Wear A Massive Hat (One for the girls)
Happily crying at a wedding is socially acceptable so a show of emotion isn’t the end of the world – people will assume they are tears of joy for the happy couple but opting for a massive hat will allow you a bit of privacy if you get weepy (Sorry Chaps this one is more for the girls)

4) Go Prepared
Why is it that weddings seem to give complete strangers the right to ask unhelpful things like “So dear when are you going to find yourself a wife/husband”? If you are worried about the inevitable wedding related questions that often arise think about it beforehand and come up with a few stock phrases to see you through those awkward questions. Ask your mates for help with this if you are stumped, personally I’d opt for a big smile and something light like “Oooo don’t ask you might jinx it!”. You can also plan some conversation starters ahead of time that will help you fill up any awkward silences.