“Things can’t get any worse….”

It’s funny what gets you through each day when things are difficult. When I was getting divorced we had friends next door who were also getting divorced. In the end because I stayed in our house I compared notes with the next-door neighbour’s wife who stayed in their house. We used to try and encourage each other through each difficult step.

One time, when quite a few things were going wrong for us both, we used to say to each other “things can’t get any worse!”. That helped us for a while – until we realised that things were actually getting worse, for both of us! So we had to come up with a different phrase “things could be worse!” Interestingly it helped us to think about what good things we had in life that other people didn’t.

The RDS Course is an encouraging place just because you can meet up with other people going through a similar experience as you are. You can see what other people are going through who are in the same boat as you. You are not alone.