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2nd November 2022

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How to get through Valentine’s alive

Here are some thoughts from someone without kids:

Valentine’s day is a little bit too commercial for me, but if you feel drawn into it because you’re single, here are a couple of tips to cheer up the mood on Valentine’s day.

1.  The easiest one is to keep it simple and invite a couple of your close friends around for dinner and make a meal to remember!

2.  For something in your own hands you can pamper yourself. Book a facial, manicure, or massage and leave yourself feeling totally relaxed.

3. One of my favourite ones is to book a makeover at a nice makeup counter and then afterwards, meet with your friends for drinks or dinner, but feeling absolutely gorgeous!

4. If you are feeling braver, then organise a gathering with your friends to meet at a pub and make it more interesting by asking people to bring a single friend of the opposite opposite sex (that they are not interested in dating) and have a casual get together with friends while meeting new people.

Hope these tips help.