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Restored Lives is always looking for ways to reach people who are suffering as a result of relationship breakdown to give them hope for their future. We know that the impact of divorce and separation can be far-reaching, affecting families, friends and wider society so helping one individual will mean that the benefits ripple out to everyone. When we were approached by to create content for its website we felt this was a great opportunity to share our experience and knowledge more widely. is Europe’s largest independent website providing advice and support to Dads. The site has 880,000 visitors, 2 million page views and a forum of 33,000. Run by Feagans a UK Christian Charity that has continually transformed mental health and championed childhood since 1870. Fegans counsels children and provides parent support, intervention and training.

Restored Lives is creating vlogs and articles for as a way of reaching a larger audience. This week the first vlog Erik’s story was published. In addition to sharing helpful experience and tips, these vlogs and articles also link to the Restored Lives website and some of our forthcoming courses. (See our Go on a course page for full details.) We hope watching and reading the content we create will help the visitors to and may encourage them to do the Restored Lives course.

Please like, share and comment on these vlogs and if you have a personal story you’d like to share please contact us [email protected]. If you are a course leader please let us know if guests register to your course as a result of seeing articles and vlogs on