7th January 2019 – Divorce Day

7th January has been earmarked “divorce day” as solicitors anticipate a spike in the number of applications for divorce. The inevitable stresses of the Christmas season together with the start of a new year often act as a catalyst for people in failing marriages to take the next step and file for divorce. If that’s you, we know and feel your pain.

Whether you are the recipient of a divorce application or the one who has taken this difficult step, starting the process of formal divorce proceedings can be an incredibly difficult time.  You will experience a whole myriad of conflicting emotions or be left feeling completely numb. There are so many practical considerations on top of the emotional ones. You may be unfamiliar with working with mediators or solicitors and sorting the financial issues can make you feel completely out of your depth. It may mean moving house and making new arrangements for the care of children, all huge changes. All of this can be very overwhelming and everyone goes through these changing emotions.

Restored Lives offers many resources and practical support, including a book, to help you navigate both your feelings and many of the practical aspects of separation and divorce. With courses starting this January across the country in places such as Leamington Spa and London we have supported thousands of people journey through this process to give people hope for a fully restored, exciting life in the future. January is a time of new beginnings and we hope that Restored Lives can help you find a positive start to 2019.