Unshakeable Stories Unshakeable Truths Podcast interview
Posted 3 years ago

Restored Lives featured in ‘Unshakeable Stories Unshakeable Truths’ Podcast

Faith-based podcast, Unshakeable Stories, Unshakeable Truths speaks to Restored Lives to hear what they are doing to support people through divorce.

Faith-based podcast, Unshakeable Stories, Unshakeable Truths interviews some of the Restored Lives team to find out more about the work they are doing to support people through divorce and relationship breakdown.

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Unshakeable Stories, Unshakeable Truths is a faith podcast aimed at sharing candid faith stories, ministries, and worldwide missions perpetually born out of hardship and crisis which are making an unshakeable difference today. With the goal of offering listeners a virtual hand of hope, wisdom for winning, and insights on how to identify and step into their life purpose and ministry.

Erik Castenskiold (Who leads Restored Lives) and Helen Bradley (A previous participant who manages their marketing and comms and volunteers) were interviewed for the latest episode. Each sharing some of their own stories, speaking about the Restored Lives ministry and what it is doing to support people through divorce and relationship breakdown.

During this thirty-minute discussion, we covered a lot of ground. The interview includes an exploration of the theology surrounding divorce – What does God think about Divorce? Which scriptures inspired the ministry and how do we hold truth and grace in balance?

Abigale also asked us about commonly held wrong assumptions people make about divorcees. This gave us an opportunity to talk about the hurtful perceptions that divorcees ‘weren’t serious enough’ or didn’t ‘pray hard enough’ for their marriages, that they can be perceived as dangerous advocates of divorce and that if a church is focused on supporting and promoting marriage they shouldn’t speak about divorce.

We also discussed how the ministry has needed to adapt in reaction to the Global pandemic which gave us the chance to share the exciting news that we have gone online and how this makes it even easier for people to access help.

This episode of the podcast is expertly presented by Abigale Otchere who has developed this engaging podcast series so that she can share stories from an array of outstanding Kingdom Trailblazers, Pastors, Entrepreneurs, Missionaries and Innovators click to listen to the podcast and don’t forget to check out some of the other episodes too.

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