Join us at our annual training conference

9th July 2022


South East – Haywards Heath

What to expect

Restored Lives Haywards Heath is a six-week course that is both practical and supportive, giving anyone who has been impacted by the end of a serious relationship the opportunity to discuss the challenges they are facing and the tools to deal with these effectively.

These include:

Facing the effects of separation and divorce
The importance of good communication
Resolving conflict
The impact of breakdown on other relationships
Legal issues
Parenting issues
Moving forward with hope

The format of the course is to have a meal together which is then followed by a short video. Then there is an opportunity to discuss the topic together.

Leader at Haywards Heath: Fi


Haywards Heath Baptist Church,

Sussex Rd,

Haywards Heath,

RH16 4DZ



The dates for the next course are:


The Haywards Heath course is run when there is demand for it. Click on the button to register your interest and you will be contacted when the next course is scheduled.