South East – Dorking

What to expect

If you live in or around Brighton, Arundel and Dorking there is a group called “Who Cares” that is run by John and Caroline. It is a monthly weekend meeting on a Saturday or Sunday that uses the Restored Lives materials amongst others.

It’s a support group that gives practical tools to deal with the issues raised during and after separation and/or divorce/annulment of a marriage whether it happened recently or some time ago.

Topics are covered include:

Healing hurt and pain
Communicating effectively
Resolving conflict
Letting go
Children and divorce
Looking forward to the future

Each session we will watch short videos about one of the topics and discuss the issues raised in small groups.

The course is based on Christian values but is for people of all faiths and none. The content is not religious and you do not need to be a member of St Joseph’s to attend. Everyone is welcome. In addition, we will also be running an additional optional session about annulment in the Catholic Church.


The sessions are most frequently held at (although occasionally in other places based on the members of the group at any given time) :

St Joseph’s Church Hall,

Falkland Grove,




Next course starts:

Please contact the team using the button below for more details about the group and future dates.



The sessions are offered completely free of charge at this venue,  courtesy of the team at St Joseph’s but any donations to support the course are gratefully received. We would also recommend that you purchase a copy of the Restored Lives Book that accompanies the course.