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Our next 8 session online course starts on the 24th January 2022

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Getting Started

Setting up a Restored Lives course is relatively straight forward and we have created all the materials to help you. To start with, find a small team who have the same vision. You don’t have to be experts – you just need a desire to help and then it is just a case of downloading the necessary resources from our website.

Attend the Restored Lives Course yourself. If there isn’t one near you, we recommend you do the course in a home with four to six other people using the DVD set and workbook – just try it out – it works! You might also like to attend the Restored Lives training day – details will be listed under the ‘Upcoming Events’ page.

Find a suitable venue. This may be a home if your course is small, or perhaps a church, a community hall, a hotel, a café after hours – anywhere that you can serve a meal and create a great atmosphere. Decide on what to charge your guests based on the cost of the food, manuals and venue.

Set a date and advertise your course – the Leaders’ Guide contains a section on ideas for promoting the course. When you have the details finalised contact us to register your course. This will allow us to put you in touch with people looking for a course in your area.

Find some local experts that you can refer people to e.g. a mediator, solicitor and counsellor. Often these people are willing to come in, introduce themselves and answer initial questions.

Please contact us to get a password for the Access Course Materials section of this web site. This contains more helpful resources , like the leaders guide and speakers notes, which work alongside the DVD set and workbook.