What’s it about?

Restored Lives gives you the help and support you need, as well as practical tools, to get through your relationship breakdown and divorce. It is a safe, non-judgemental environment to meet others who are in the same situation which allows you to discuss, question and grapple with your important issues.

The Restored Lives course (previously known as the Recovery from Divorce and Separation course) has been helping thousands of people recover from relationship breakdown for over 20 years and has been developed by a group of divorcees with different specialities: a judge, solicitors, communications experts, counsellors, family life experts, and mediation advisers (as well as a bunch of others with no related professional qualifications but lots of practical experience).

All the people that run and help with the course have been through divorce and separation themselves and have a passion to help others recover completely from the impact that relationship breakdown brings.

Although the Restored Lives course was created and run from a church, it is for people of any faith or none at all.

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