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Restored Lives gives you the help and support you need, as well as practical tools, to get through your relationship breakdown and divorce. It is a safe, non-judgmental environment to meet others who are in the same situation which allows you to discuss, question and grapple with your important issues.

Charlie, as a divorcee, knows only too well the pain and trauma that divorce can bring. He shares his path to healing and hope, as well as the wisdom gained from others, to bring light to a dark situation.

Topics covered include:

Facing the effects of separation and divorce
The importance of good communication
Resolving conflict
Divorce – the legal issues
Parenting issues
Moving forward with hope


This course runs online by the team from All Saint’s Church. The Vicarage, 28 Western Road, Poole, BH13 7BP

Course Leader: Rev’d Charlie Boyle
01202 041 147

The dates for the next course are:

The course at Poole runs based on demand. Register your interest to find out when the next course will run.



Photo Credit Kevin Borrill

  • "It helped me identify the bitterness I felt, showed me a way to deal with it and gave me hope for the future. Thank you so much!"

    - Helen, Restored Lives Participant

  • "Seeing others, going through the same hurts and struggles, made me realise that I was "allowed" to laugh again..."

    - Lisa, Restored Lives Participant

  • "It has given me the building blocks which I can refer to in order to move forward and create a positive future whilst also managing the divorce to gain a positive result."

    - Paula, Restored Lives Participant

  • "Thank you for all you have done. Thank you for your encouragement and hope!"

    - Jessica, Online Restored Lives Participant

  • "You have made the group so easy for us to share and come away feeling an awful lot better on a Monday evening - I am not sure I would be feeling so positive (some of the time) without having these Monday evenings."

    - Mark, Online Restored Lives Participant

  • "It is great having people that understand what I'm going through because they have actually been there or are going through the same."

    - Richard, Restored Lives Participant

  • "The best thing about the course is having free and frank conversations with each other about our journeys, emotions, past and future. It is a sustained conversation, not just one night or a weekend"

    - Jenny, Restored Lives Participant

  • "The best thing about the course is being connected to a group of people who were in a similar position as I am and hearing how they were handling their situation. Reading the book or watching the videos alone would have been difficult without having a group to discuss with. "

    - Kristen, Restored Lives Participant

  • "Balanced, realistic, practical, non-judgemental. Ability to be honest as you were with complete strangers!!!"

    - Jon, Restored Lives Participant

  • "Being able to share my feelings with other people in a similar position, not feeling alone as none of my circle of friends are going through this thankfully!!"

    - Jing, Restored Lives Participant