More Stories of Recovery

We had our end of course dinner on Monday where we also invited people back from previous courses. It was so exciting to hear people’s stories of recovery. Here are some of their stories (I will write some more over the next few days).

What is recovery like for you?

“Letting go of the pain of the past and looking forward not back. Remembering the good stuff and trying not to grind on about the bad stuff. ‘This will soon pass’. Counting my blessings – even the small ones – as they all add up! Recovery is having great friends and enjoying having a laugh.

Recovery is NOT blaming the past for MY FUTURE.”

“Recovery for me can be defined as a healing inside you. It’s being ready to move on with your life and ready for new challenges including new relationships. I would also describe it as forgiveness and acceptance of the situation you have been through.”

“The break-up was like being burned internally in the Hell of time. Hurting, doubting and contemplating the existence of life. RECOVERY has been like lying in the green pastures, sitting beside still waters. Like a gentle summer breeze caressing the body and slowly but surely healing it back to sanity and splendour.

Before life felt meaningless and now it is part of a great meaning.”