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Helpful links & resources

www.htb.org.uk – HTB: link to Holy Trinity Brompton where the largest Restored Lives course runs

www.thefma.co.uk – Mediators: everything about mediators and how to find one near you

www.resolution.org.uk – Solicitors: an excellent place to find a solicitor that uses a constructive approach to resolving issues

www.relationshipcentral.org – Relationship Central: home of The Marriage course and the best place to find help when you are in a relationship and looking to make it work better

www.relate.org.uk – Relate: a useful resource including access to counsellors

www.divorcesupportgroup.co.uk – Divorce Support Group: an alternative divorce recovery course run by professional therapists with a number of courses around the country

www.drw.org.uk – Divorce Recovery Workshop: an alternative divorce recovery course run by a charity with a number of courses around the country

www.divorcecare.org – DivorceCare (US): DivorceCare runs thousands of courses, mainly in the US, focused on helping Christians get through divorce including a number of different resources e.g. one day at a time daily reading and encouragement

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