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Parents & children

Relationship breakdown can be particularly distressing and difficult if you have children. Restored Lives provides support and advice to parents on handling their particular challenges when children are involved.

The most important issue is ensuring that parents can manage their own lives and then enable their children to navigate successfully through the changing situation. We have lots of practical tools and ideas to help you implement this, not just in your communication with your children, but also in helping you become more able to cope with all the challenges that you are facing.

We look at this topic from various different perspectives: from the perspective of a parent who is not regularly with their children; for the parent who is with the children on more of a daily basis; as well as from the perspective of the children. We have found that it is helpful to hear what children think and say about separation and divorce and we have some stories from them.

The Restored Lives book looks in detail at all these issues. At the course you are also able to discuss these issues in a group with other parents who are working through the same issues as you.

The ultimate goal for parents is to be able to be separate, but successful, co-parents. This can be a hard journey but many parents have been able to achieve it and this allows children to grow in a healthy environment.

As a conclusion to all the practical tools and ideas, we encourage parents to write to the other parent setting out your guidelines for how you will try to parent together successfully. We have prepared a ‘Parenting Together’ letter which may help you do this. You may or may not wish to use this version, but we would encourage you to think of sending something along these lines as it emphasizes the importance of moving into a different phase of parenting together successfully. It also acts as a great summary and action plan for you in the future – See more at:

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