Next Your Direction Workshop, for teenagers and young adults whose parents have separated.

2nd November 2022

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Survival tips for weddings when you’re separated/divorced

Attending a wedding when you are single can be tough – regardless of how happy you are for the couple or how keen you may be to celebrate their happy day with them. If you are going through divorce and separation it can be an absolute emotional mine field. It is the ultimate test of…

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Meeting The Ex

If you have already read my post “Am I Mad to Go?” you will know that I had an opportunity to meet my Ex and his new partner at a weekend organised by some of our mutual friends.  I really wasn’t sure what to do but felt that it would be better to face my…

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Am I Mad To Go?

So nearly 3 years have passed since my separation and I get an invite to a meet up with a group of friends.  These are some of my closest friends who were there for me when things were at their toughest… but there is a catch. My ex and I were together for a long…

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